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Tips On Hosting a Successful Employee Ice Cream Truck Party In Chicago

So it’s time for the employee party of the month, and you are responsible for organizing the party and making it a success. Let’s take it a notch up by calling it an Ice Cream Truck Party. Here are a few tips for hosting a successful Chicago Ice Cream Truck party.

  • Call the ice cream truck for corporate parties and let them know how many people will be attending.
  • Decide on a theme. It can be retro Hollywood or one of your favorite sports. You can let the ice cream truck know about the theme so that the décor can be according to the theme.
  • Bring the decorations according to the theme. This decoration can either be put on the ice cream truck or the venue, if you have booked a venue.
  • Ask your team to send their favourite music playlist, which can be played on the ice cream truck.
  • You can use the ice cream truck as a photo booth, or you can have a photo booth as a standalone for pictures as per the theme decided.
  • Now comes the food menu. Since this is an ice cream social, you need not worry about the choices. Ice cream makes everybody happy. So sit back and relax while the ice cream trucks offer a variety of ice cream novelties. These can be wrapped or handheld and will ensure a great food experience for your team members.

If you are looking to host a successful Ice Cream Truck Party In Chicago, call the most vibrant and popular Big Bros Ice Cream Truck Chicago. We host such events on a regular basis, giving us the advantage of years of experience. If you have a booked venue that is outdoors, we will arrive at the venue, bring some themed décor according to your theme and serve a variety of ice creams, from handheld treats to individual wrapped. We value our customers and know that many of them are vegan or prefer sugar-free ice cream. So we bring in all kinds of servings, from non-dairy, sugar-free to vegan. You can visit our website for more information. Alternatively, you can email us at or call us at (773) 754-9951. We are ready to serve you.