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DIY Ice Cream Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Week 2024!

Lovers of Chicago it’s almost Valentine’s Day and if you forgot to plan something special for your “someone special”, don’t worry, we have your back! Today, we present to you a range of DIY ice cream gift ideas that you can pair with our ice cream flavors at Big Bros Ice Cream for each day of Valentine’s week!

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Welcome to your ice cream paradise, we offer a variety of delicious flavors that will make your beloved’s heart melt for you. During Valentine’s week, every day is a new opportunity to express your love in different, creative ways and the effort it takes is worth it for the happiness our loved ones give us. At Big Bros Ice Cream Place in Chicago IL, we create a variety of flavor-rich ice creams with quality and fresh ingredients that make the experience delightful.

Day 1: Strawberry Rose Bouquet

On the first day of Valentine’s week, you can start by expressing your love with a beautiful bouquet of roses paired with our strawberry-flavored ice cream. Pair it with hot fudge, chocolate chips, or brownie chunks for a delicious blend of flavors or maybe you can try pairing it with cookies. You can put a card on your bouquet of roses and try writing cute poetry to show your affection.

Featured Flavors: Strawberry, Strawberry Vanilla Swirl

Day 2: Twisted Delight

On the second day of the week, you can embrace the creativity of our Chocolate Vanilla Swirl or Strawberry Vanilla Swirl ice cream flavors and pair them with a Spotify playlist, made with all the songs that remind you of them. You can take them out on a simple date, perhaps a picnic, and listen to all those songs together while enjoying the delightful tastes of our swirls that mix together perfectly. Like every couple has “our song”, you can spend the evening watching the city lights with them, while listening to all the songs that express your love for each other.

Featured Flavors: Strawberry Vanilla Swirl, Chocolate Vanilla Swirl

Day 3: Jar of Love

This DIY gift idea needs some extra preparation but is definitely worth the effort. You can bring a jar filled with little notes that tell your beloved everything you love about them. This gift is special because whenever your beloved may feel lost or sad, they can open up the jar and immediately be filled with positivity. You can either write some motivational messages on those notes or you can write about every aspect of them, that makes you happy. You can pair this gift with our delicious Banana Split ice cream that we serve at our ice cream shop in Chicago IL, and complete it with hot fudge, sprinkles, and cookies.

Featured Flavor: Banana Split

Day 4: Caramel Sweetness

On day four you can surprise your beloved with delicious caramel-flavored ice cream, paired with a picture album of memories. In this digital age, all our pictures are on our phones but it can never replace the experience of going through a photo album together. You can take your beloved outside or maybe share an evening where you can gift them a custom photo album that has your pictures in chronological order. Walk through the memory lane together while you enjoy the sweetness of caramel.

Featured Flavor: Caramel

DAY 5: A Game of Surprises!

Make the fifth day of your Valentine’s week a little exciting for you and your beloved with delicious Fudge and Brownies that we serve at our ice cream place in Chicago IL. Make your night delightful by playing a game of surprise notes where you both fill a box with dares that the other partner must do if they lose a game. Play any game of your choice, be it cards, computer games, ‘rock, paper, scissors’ or whatever makes it fun for you. The loser must pick up a dare from the winner’s box, leading to an exciting and fun-filled time while you enjoy the deliciousness of fudge and brownies.

Featured Flavors: Fudge and Brownies

Day 6: Strawberry Special

On the sixth day of Valentine’s week, you can go the extra mile and dedicate your day to your beloved. You can treat them special throughout the day with breakfast in bed or perhaps a massage session. For a romantic date night, you can pair our delicious strawberry ice creams with chocolate-dipped strawberries and wine. You can also create a special blanket fort in your room with pillows and cushions, creating a cozy environment with romantic songs playing in the background as you dance throughout the night.

Featured Flavor: Strawberry

Day 7: Valentine’s Day

When Valentine’s Day finally arrives, you can conclude the week perfectly with our delicious Oreo Flurry ice cream. Topped with crushed Oreo cookies, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup, this ice cream will definitely make your beloved happy. On this special day, you can pair our ice cream with a special box of small gifts. You can put all their favorite items, for instance, their favorite cookies or noodles, their favorite self-care products, their favorite toys, or anything else that makes the gift highly personalized, add a letter to make it even more special. This gift will truly reflect how deeply you care about your partner. You can also gift them a plant to signify the growth of your relationship.

Featured Flavor: Oreo Flurry

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