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Things To Know Before You Book An Ice Cream Truck For An Event Or a Birthday Party

If you are planning a party for your kid’s birthday or graduation, retirement, or any other occasion and want to make a cool party theme that is cool to the eye and the belly go for an ice cream truck theme. First of all, if you have space it can easily be transported anywhere and it becomes a photo op décor in itself while serving the menu of ice creams. Now if this idea sounds cool to you and you are considering it for your upcoming or next event but are confused about many things like which one to book, how to go about it etc., we will help you out. In IL there could be many famous and known shops for Ice Cream Naperville IL, which can confuse you. So let us take you through the things you should know before you book an Ice cream truck.

  • Always look for the ice cream truck who are willing to be transported to your location at hardly any cost.
  • Check out if they have done any events or put their truck in any of the events before your event. If yes, check the testimonial or the feedback of the client before.
  • Check on the variety of ice creams they offer. What all flavors are included and how are they willing to do the deal. Is it per serving or a package deal?
  • Check on the types of ice creams. In IL do they serve Vegan Ice Cream Naperville IL and diary both? Many customers will love the vegan option.
  • Check on the texture of their ice cream is it smooth or grainy. Always opt for a smooth texture with creamy viscosity. Anything below is not recommended.
  • Check whether they are ready to give trials, which means you can bring along a few of your close ones and check the samples as per the taste and likings of the audience.
  • Check whether they take an advance payment or payment after the event.
  • If it is a deal per serving check their system of keeping track. Alternatively, if it is a package deal then check whether each audience is served to their desire and want.
  • Depending on the number of people in the event check if they will have one person on the truck or more for better and fast serving. 

If all of these check out you can think of booking the truck. If you are looking for an ice cream truck in Naperville IL for your event simply search for Ice Cream Truck Naperville IL or Ice Cream Shop Naperville IL. We will flash on your first page for you to book us and serve you.