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How To Find The Creamiest Ice Cream In Orland Park IL?

Ice cream is not a fad it is a desire. It is a necessity to beat the heat and to satiate the sugar quench. You have one but you want more. Is it an addiction? No, it is not. It is that sublime pleasure that you get after a great workout or an adventure ride. It is the happiness hormone. If ice cream is an addiction so is happiness. Ever thought about what is it about ice cream that makes you want more? It is not one thing but many elements. Sugar tops the chart but it won’t leave you wanting more if not for its smooth creamy texture. The creamier the viscosity of the ice cream the easily it melts in your mouth giving your tongue and taste bud the party of the time. The milk fat defines the creamy texture of the ice cream. The creamiest ice creams have around fourteen percent of milk fat. When you eat or slurp the ice cream apart from the taste, which is different as per different flavors, you find that the feeling is different too. This is because of milk fat. The higher the fat content, the creamier the texture and richer the taste. If you stay in and around IL and are looking to find the Ice Cream Truck Orland Park IL with the creamiest of the ice cream you need to identify the following:

  • What is the amount in the percentage of milk fat the ice cream is using?
  • Are they using egg yolk? It helps in making the texture creamier and the lecithin in egg yolk is an emulsifier that binds the fat and water together making the texture creamier.
  • If you like it soft check whether the ice cream uses corn syrup, gelatin, and other commercial stabilizers. This helps in the soft consistency of the ice cream.

You can check the ingredient on the box and decide accordingly. If you have gotten your tongue rolling and your stomach wants more ice creams then you must search for Ice Cream Shop Orland Park IL or Ice Cream Orland Park IL. You will get many options ours being in the top 5. Call us at (773) 754-9951 or visit Big Bros Ice Cream Truck Orland Park IL and enjoy a variety of flavors with various viscosity of the creams. We have all the options from smooth to granular which will satiate your craving to your heart’s desire.