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Why Do Kids Love Chocolate Ice Cream?

Summers are around the corner and one thing that every household will see a rise in is the demand for ice cream. Kids are crazy about Ice cream. After all, in ice cream, they get the blend of cream and sugar which happens to be most of the kid’s favorite. Makes them go jumpy but more so for chocolate ice cream. Ever wondered what is it in chocolate ice cream that kids love so much. In a survey, it was found that out of 100 kids 90% preferred chocolate ice creams over another flavor. If the truth be told the same survey done on adults did not astray much on the result. It showed around 80% of adults prefer chocolate ice cream over any other flavor. When the adults were asked for the reason for their special affinity towards chocolate ice cream they mentioned that chocolate evokes memories of their youth or kid days and gives a serotonin kick, a mood-elevating hormone,  which makes them forget the stress even if it is for a moment. Understandable, after all, adult life is so stressful that chocolate just works like an elixir for down and low moments, plus the sugar helps in satiating the craving for the sugar rush. Now, considering kids are still young what makes them tick for chocolate ice cream apart from the taste and smell, which is quite rich. Chocolate contains many psychoactive chemicals like Anandamide, Tyramine, and Phenylethylamine. These chemicals stimulate the brain and bring much joy and delight to kids. Theobromine and Caffeine act as a stimulant that seduces the sense of the kids. Adding to that the creamy viscosity, which melts as soon as the kids put the chocolate ice cream inside their mouths, leaves a lingering sensation of smoothness while stimulating the feeling of pleasure. And of course, all that is coca only works when the sugar is added to the chocolate, making it a sweet pleasure for kids. The first food ever the kids have is naturally sweet breast milk. This makes them want sweet food. Chocolate-flavored ice cream for all other host’s reasons only becomes more desirable for kids because of that sugar content, the rich flavor, and the creamy texture.

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