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What Makes a Banana Split From An Ice Cream Truck Special?

Now, that spring is at its peak with summers sneaking in the temperature is rising high. To beat this heat you sure need Ice cream. Love the thought! We do too. After all, it isn’t just to take a break from the scorching heat but to throw some party time to our taste buds. Did we make you crave already? Wait up! We’ll make you drool in moments. We have the nutritionist and the dieticians in Chicago say that ice cream is a sin. Is it, though? Let’s take Banana Split Sundae. This special Ice cream found in Ice Cream shops in Chicago IL has all the nutrition you will need to get by the noon hours. It has a banana, rich in potassium. The banana is split in half, sandwiched with ice cream scoops rich in cream, an important source of calcium. Above that, we have chocolate sauce topped with pineapple, strawberry, and nuts to your own choice and pick. All of these ingredients are rich in antioxidants. Many would say that it has sugar. Yes, it does. However, we all know that sugar is the main source of energy. In the sweltering heat, the body gets drained easily; therefore sugar becomes an important ingredient that helps to revitalize the body. Besides, Big Bros Ice Cream Place Chicago IL provides sugar-free Ice cream and many other options from dairy to non-dairy. For fat-free non-dairy Ice Cream, search Big Bros Ice Cream Shop Chicago IL.

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