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What Is The Best Way To Eat Ice Cream, In a Cup Or Cone?

If you are an ice cream lover, like us, you must have seen this word game of how to eat the ice cream, whether the cup is better or cone? Well, as Ice cream lovers from Chicago IL, we love it both ways, in a cone and a cup. After all, the ice cream is of the utmost importance and not the container. However, the Cones are crunchy. Aren’t they? Especially the cones you get at Ice Cream Shop Chicago IL. The wafers make the scoops taste so crunchier and more delicious. And if you are a swirl lover then buying that cone from Ice Cream Truck Chicago IL, is the best decision to relish the sins of the heavens. Besides, Ice Cream Cone Chicago IL is bigger, better, and known to be crunchier than the rest. Also, Big Bros Ice Cream Cones are known for their healthy ingredients. Topping that crunchy cone with scoops or swirls beat the heat and gets the much-needed party the stomach needs. The cone helps the ice cream ‘not to melt’ soon by providing insulation, so we get more time to eat our favorite swirls and scoops out of the cone. However, we love our ice cream in a cup too, simply because we get to eat so many flavors in one cup and spoon. Scoop it, eat it, and then fill it with another flavor of ice cream scoop. This can be repeated so many times. It is environmentally friendly and gets the needed party to our taste buds. We like it both ways because Big Bros Cup Ice Cream and cone swirls are the best. Just be aware of the cone swirls, they tend to fall if not taken care. Do not let it fall, handle with care. With the cup, you can eat it while you walk and talk makes it a little easy to handle. If you are looking for the Best Ice Cream Chicago IL you need to call Big Bros Ice Cream Truck @  (773) 754-9951 or visit our ice cream truck in Chicago. You will find a variety of flavors to your taste. If you are health conscious and are looking for non-dairy, non-fat, sugar-free options, we have you covered. Come and eat to your desire. Apart from the cone and cup dilemma, which plays around in the market, we also have many people asking about the right way to eat from the cone. Just slurp it away from the bottom to the top. It helps the insulation process and also ensures that the ice cream doesn’t drip. And since the bottom of the scoop or swirl is big in diameter while it narrows down towards the tip it only makes sense to finish from the bottom. But then, whatever way you eat is the best; there is no said rulebook for it. Order, and enjoy your cup of ice cream scoops or cone of ice cream swirls. Hurry! Call us @  (773) 754-9951 Big Bros Ice Cream Shop Chicago known for the best and healthiest ice creams ever.