Top 10 Reasons Why Leadership Loves the Ice Cream Social

Working at an office, meeting deadlines can be stressful. Adding to that, if you are an introvert and are new to the organization, it becomes a task to break the ice with the veteran employees. To avoid such embarrassment or to reduce the stress and increase the bond between the team members, the leadership generally plans some retreat, event, or outdoor or indoor outing. This kind of get-together helps the team bond better, break the ice and be more open. As mentioned, there are many activities that can be planned around team building and motivation, but it has been seen that the most preferred activity by the leadership is Ice Cream Social. It is mess-free and easy to organize. Therefore, in a month, a few ice cream socials can be planned, whereas for any other event it may only happen once a month or once every two months, which doesn’t help the cause. Let us take you through the reasons why Ice Cream Social is loved and preferred by the leadership of any organization:

  1. Easy to organize: It doesn’t require much planning. One can take the team outdoors to the ice cream truck in Chicago. Or call the ice cream truck to their venue and organize the gathering.
  2. Ice cream is loved by all. You do not have to fret over what menu to choose from, or whether the team members will like the menu option or not, as the ice cream is loved by all.
  3. Ice creams are portable. You can walk around and eat your ice cream while chit-chatting.
  4. Ice cream relieves stress: sugar or no sugar, this sinful dessert relieves stress.
  5. Excellent Icebreaker. If you are new to the team, you can simply take a few sandwiches around for other team members, and while you offer them, you can start chit-chatting.
  6. Don’t need a seat: You do not have to worry about the tables and chairs. One can walk around, talk, and eat. It doesn’t require a proper sit-down, so it’s not needed.
  7. It makes people happy. Ice cream may be sinful, but it only serves to make people happy, and what better than ice cream for a team bonding event where team members become happy simply by looking at the menu?
  8. They reduce stress: Ice cream as a dessert is known to reduce stress, and since the whole point of the gathering is to motivate and reduce stress, what better way to hold an ice cream social?
  9. It doesn’t require too much planning: you need to simply call Ice Cream Shop Chicago and the rest will be taken care of, from the menu offering to serving if needed.
  10. It makes storytelling easy while organizing some fun ice cream games. Motivational storytelling is required during such gatherings, and some fun games can be organized around the ice cream.

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