Big Bros Ice Cream



Ice cream makes any event fun by providing a refreshing treat to children or adults at a birthday party, wedding, or some form of employee reward or team networking. Ice cream catering styles can vary. You can hire an ice cream truck catering service or go for traditional ice cream catering as per your needs. If your event is very small, then one option is to visit an ice cream truck or ice cream shop Chicago. However, if your event is medium-sized or large, then hiring an ice cream truck for catering will save you more money than traditional catering, as it is cheaper than traditional catering. Ice cream truck catering provides you with many options, including artistic flavours of ice cream. It serves as a beautiful photo booth where the guests can take some memorable pictures. It has some beautiful ice cream truck music playing, which peps up the whole atmosphere and, to many, will take you down memory lane.

Apart from the many benefits, the ice cream truck also saves you money. Typical ice cream catering will cost you around $400 to $500 for 40 to 50 ice creams, while the same cost will be reduced to $275 to $300 if you use the ice cream truck catering. You also get a variety of other benefits, such as a ready-made photo booth and, of course, ice cream truck music.

As sinful as ice cream may sound Big Bros Ice Cream Truck has options of dairy, non-dairy, sugar-free, and vegan to choose from as per your dietary restrictions. You can have your favourite ice cream to your heart’s desire without stressing about calories. You can visit our truck and enjoy the treats. If you are planning an event or hosting a party, you can call us at (773) 754-9951 or email us at Let us know the number of guests arriving and their preferences with any dietary restrictions and we will come up with the best possible solution and quote. If you need our ice cream truck to act as your photo booth, you can let us know the theme so that we can prepare ourselves accordingly. You can also visit our nearest ice cream truck for some sample testing before you decide to hire us. Sample testing will be on us if you hire us. You can also visit our website at for more information.