Big Bros Ice Cream


How Fun Is An Event With Big Bros Ice Cream Truck Chicago?

During our lifetime we celebrate so many successes and milestones from birthdays, scoring good marks, winning a cup or a medal in sports events, entering our dream universities, finding a job, starting a business, marriage, anniversaries, becoming parents, promotions, retirement, and whatnot. Each occasion adds a different meaning to our life, and therefore we want to celebrate with our people as per our wish and will. These beautiful events are more or less themed as per our desire with a tinge of fun and fancy. While we work throughout the planning of the event we meticulously choose the menu for our guests and ourselves so that the guest can not only enjoy but relish the food and talk about it, later.  If you stay in Chicago we are sure you have either attended such events or organized them for your people. As much as these events are fun, organizing them is another level of meticulousness. If you planning any such event we suggest, Ice Cream Truck For Events. Well, you can work around it as a theme itself for birthdays, retirement parties, or any other milestone. Alternatively, if you have many parties or birthdays to plan this year you can hire an Ice Cream Truck For Birthday Parties. This one prop will cater to all your needs. As a theme in itself, it gives you the vibe of the vintage while you get to taste all kinds of ice cream flavors and types. Ice cream trucks have their music that takes you down to memory lane, especially, if you are planning a retirement party, whereas if it‘s a birthday party or any other professional personal achievement this will add to your memory while beating the scorching heat.

Chicago is known for ice cream trucks, and BIG Bros Ice Cream Truck is one of the best Chicago Ice Cream Truck you can find to hire for your event as a prop and menu with a theme included if you want. The BIG Bros Ice Cream Truck has many flavors from seasonal to the odd seasonal,  artsy DIY menu, non-dairy, and dairy options. You can indulge as much as you want without fretting about the calories and sugar, as they have sugar-free options. Besides, Big Bros Ice Cream Truck also offers many fun ideas exploring catering games and activities involving ice cream. A few of the off-hand options which they can suggest right away are paint your ice-cream pot, guess the flavor while you are blindfolded, decorate your ice cream, and the best of all ice cream eating competition. Sounds fun. Are you game? We know we want to participate. The music, the sins of indulging in the best ice cream in Chicago, fun games and competition makes the BIG Bros Ice Cream Truck the ‘must-have’ in your event planning. If you want your event to be remembered call us @ (773) 754-9951 or email us at