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5 Things To Know About The History Of Ice Cream Trucks In Orland Park IL

We all are aware that China discovered Ice cream and Augustus Jackson invented modern ice cream. What most of us do not know is how the ice cream tucks came into existence. Well somewhere in the 19th-century peddlers started selling ice cream from carts with the help of ice blocks. Since then much has changed but a few things have remained the same. In the US these Ice cream peddlers and their carts were an urban phenomenon where laborers bought it in a cup, ate it, and then the same cup was used to serve another customer. The folks with money instead chose to buy sandwich ice creams.

In the US back in the 19th-century milk was not pasteurized leading to many deaths due to ice cream poisoning but by the end of the 19th-century hygiene was improved and waffle cones came into existence. Now the ice cream was served in the Cone. Ice carts improved and by 1923 Harry Burt from Ohio, Youngstown introduced ice cream trucks, later on, he created the Good Humor brand which was taken by Unilever after many decades in the year 1970. But the Good humor ice cream truck was a sight to see. It played jingles and the music in itself was the alert signal for kids to leave all their games and plays and run toward the ice cream truck.

Then came the Depression came, ice cream shops became a luxury during that time but ice cream trucks survived due to their low cost. This was the time when peddlers with their carts erupted again but could not survive due to the rationing of sugar.

By the time the second world war started the inflated cost of food resulted in many poor people treating themselves to ice cream as nickel was easy to earn and pay for the ice cream than buying food, which need more money. Ice cream, which was already popular, became an alternative food for many during those tough times.

Harry Burt did a favor to the world by delivering this amazing treat through a motorized vehicle that turned into an ice cream truck. Now they are everywhere in the US but in Orland Park, they have the best of Orland Park Ice Cream Shop. It won’t be tough to find an Ice Cream Truck Orland Park IL but if you are looking for one of the best ice creams a must-visit Ice Cream Place Orland Park will be Big Bros Ice Cream. Call Big Bros Ice Cream Shop at (773) 754-9951 or visit their ice cream truck to enjoy the music, and the mix of traditional, classic, and modern offerings.