Big Bros Ice Cream



Are you getting those wedding rings ready? You and your fiancé are brainstorming, making mood boards, and mentally sketching out how everything will appear. Perhaps you’re thinking of going the traditional route—a huge white gown, a grand location with breathtaking décor, and a food selection stocked with your favourite delicacies.

Weddings do not always have to be traditional! You can wear a more casual wedding gown or get married in an unusual location.

Ice cream truck catering, on the other hand, is the way to go if you truly want to make your wedding an experience that your guests will remember for days! Below are some ice cream truck ideas for your big day:

  1. Make it your photo booth. If you are planning an outdoor wedding in Chicago, then hiring an ice cream truck for the wedding serves a dual purpose. While it pops out delicious ice cream, it also serves as a great photo booth for your wedding day.
  2. Ask the Chicago Ice Cream Truck to serve the gelato in gelato carts. Wedding Ice Cream Truck Chicago may also arrange the gelato carts for you to serve special gelatos or sundaes.
  3. Instead of offering heavy cones, the ice cream truck can adhere to the wedding theme by serving mini cones for a perfect bite.
  4. You can ask the ice cream truck to pair the ice cream with the pies. People would love the apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.
  5. Your ice cream truck Chicago can make you an ice cream wedding cake, which will be designed and decorated as beautifully as your typical wedding cake.
  6. Your ice cream truck can serve ice cream sandwiches with a variety of choices, including cookies and plenty of other flavours.
  7. If you are planning your wedding in the summer, go for churros and ice cream. The ice cream Chicago can mix up churros with ice cream for a playful summer wedding.
  8. You can sit down with your ice cream truck caterer and ask them to prepare a plated dessert for a sit-down dinner or lunch. They will mix it up with peaches and lemon sorbet or any other ice cream to make it seasonal.
  9. self-serving ice cream truck. You can hire an ice cream truck or a caravan with a person standing to serve if needed, but you can leave it to the guests to do their experiments and serve themselves. Many guests would love it. The ones who are not in favor can always take the help of the caterer to serve.
  10. The ice cream truck can serve ice cream in cones, sundaes, or sandwiches, or you can ask them to make it more boozy and serve the ice cream with milkshakes.

Ice cream is a great way to commemorate love. Call Big Bros Ice Cream Truck at (773) 754-9951 or email us at to incorporate classic and creative treats for your guests.